Folk snack of Funing goes on air
2018-01-24 16:08:00

From now on, passengers on board the China Eastern Airlines flights can have a chance to taste Funing rice cake, a traditional snack in Yancheng’s Funing county.

With a contract between Jiangsu Eastern Airlines Catering Co., Ltd. and Funing county on Jan. 17, Funing rice cake made into the list of in-flight food of China Eastern Airlines, marking a step forward of the local snack into the high-end market.

Funing rice cake is a special rice cake as thin as a piece of paper with soft texture and sweet taste. Originated in Funing county, Funing rice cake has become a signature of Yancheng and is famous in the area.

A famous producing area of rice, Funing boasts rich rice resources, laying a good foundation for high-quality rice cakes. During these years, Funing county has been investing much sci-tech input to promote the growth of organic rice, integrating traditional techniques and modern technology to adapt the traditional snack to the market.

In 2010, Funing rice cake became a trademark of the geographical indication. With increasing awareness, the rice cake is popular not only in China, but in overseas market as well, like Japan, US, South Korea and so on.

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