Noodle-pulling skills wows foodies in Changzhou
2017-11-20 16:57:00

At a hand-pulled noodle restaurant in the Economic Development Zone in Changzhou, Li Enhai, who has broken the Guinness World Record four times, displayed his noodle-pulling technique the morning of Nov 18.

Li first kneaded the dough, and then pulled off a small piece and put it in dry flour. As he moved his hands quickly, the dough became thinner and thinner until it became a thread even thinner than hair. Thundering applause broke out at the restaurant as patrons were amazed by his skills.

A Nanjing native, Li Enhai learned how to do noodle pulling when he was young and has challenged the Guinness World Record many times. "I pulled 2,097,152 noodles at one time at most!"

In his 30-year career, Li has pulled the world's longest dragon-whisker noodle, which is 133 times the height of Mount Everest; the world's thinnest noodle, 39 of which can be threaded through a needle; and the world's most prestigious pastry, served to the heads of state of many countries and shown to presidents Bush, Obama and Putin.

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