Taizhou sells 1 million buns in 16-day food festival
2017-11-14 17:19:00

The snack market at Taizhou’s Old Street ended its autumn season on Nov 12, 2017.

This was the 10th market organized in Taizhou of Jiangsu province. During the activity, there were 13 featured snack shops in Taizhou serving nearly 60 local specialties. Fish noodle soup, dried tofu threads in broth, crab dumpling soup, special crab dumplings and water-leavened bread were among the dishes available to the public and tourists. The market welcomed approximately 500,000 tourists, who consumed 500,000 servings of dried tofu, 1 million bowls of noodles and 1 million buns.

"I've been to some food streets before, but I've never seen a street that sells all different types of foods," said Shanghai tourist Xu Can. He came upon the lively scene, where a large crowd was eating snacks, and then happily ordered the fish soup wontons and crab dumpling soup.

In the process of organizing the brunch market, Taizhou cultivated a number of snack food chefs and trained a batch of intangible cultural heritage inheritors. The city may eventually encourage the creation of restaurants serving these local specialty foods to the people.

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