Yangzhou steamed buns approved for sale abroad
2017-09-14 16:45:00

Three quick-frozen steamed buns manufacturers in Yangzhou were launched under the regulation of the China National Accreditation Service on Sept 13. The service requires that products for home and overseas markets are produced on the same assembly lines, with the same standard and quality. A fast-frozen steamed buns manufacturer also received registration in Singapore and Japan. This means customers can enjoy the same tasty steamed buns both at home and abroad.

Steamed buns are an important part of Yangzhou’s breakfast culture. Thanks to modern quick-freeze preservation technology, people across the world can enjoy seasonal varieties of the buns all year round.

According to reports, Yangzhou steamed buns, including Wuting, Fuchun and Yechun among other brands, have reached more than 20 countries and regions. The growing overseas sales have brought new vitality to this traditional delicacy. From January to August in 2017, Yangzhou exported 90 batches of steamed buns totaling $1,834,719, an increase of 28.57 percent from the previous year.


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Source:jschina.com.cn Editor:Cassie