Lotus seed pods harvesting starts in Huai’an
2017-08-11 16:51:00

Space Lotus Cooperative members were busy harvesting lotus seed pods in Xishunhe town of Hongze area on Aug. 10.

The group husked and removed the lotus seeds, and then sold them to a market. About ten thousand fresh lotus plants from the town sell well in Suzhou, Shanghai and surrounding areas.

The lotus plant grows well in Xishunhe due to the town’s location, which is adjacent to the Hongze lake wetland. Thanks to the loamy paddy field soil in cisborder, the popularity of space lotus and the tradition of planting lotus, the town plants 4000 mu (267 hectares) of aquatic ornamental plants, such as space lotus and fruit lotus.

Xishunhe town has become a special agriculture sightseeing district, with many people sightseeing and admiring the beauty of flowers, as well as watching the harvest and the lotus seed deep process.

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