Suzhou’s mouthwatering delicacies to relieve summer heat
2017-08-08 16:50:00

Every season has its corresponding delicacy in Suzhou. As August is here, let's see what summer delicacies the city has for you.


Liuyuehuang refers to young male crab. After the male crabs go through the third shucking, their weight generally is about 100 grams, with crisp shell, tender meat and rich roe.

Fan cold noodles

Fan cold noodles with duck eggs and fettuccine of alkali water is the favorite of many people in Suzhou during the summer.

First braise the noodles to 60 percent cooked, then put it in boiling water for a little while. After that, mix the noodle with a little cooking oil, and let it sit under a fan until completed cooled. Finally mix it up with seasoning and vegetables.

It tastes smooth and not greasy, has delicate fragrance and is chewy.

Suzhou-style mung bean soup

The Suzhou-style mung bean soup is different from others, as it mixes up with steamed sticky rice and candied melon. The soup is lucid, and the sticky rice is chewy and cool mint, making it tasty in summer. The cool soup!


Jitoumi, chicken head rice (Euryale ferox), is delicate, fragrant and soft. It tastes well and is the highest grade of local specialty in Suzhou. Due to the weather this year, the food appears on the market earlier than before.

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