Nanjing salted ducks to serve dinner tables in Hong Kong
2017-08-01 17:11:00

A total of five tons of Nanjing salted duck (or osmanthus duck) products n five different varieties arrived in Hong Kong, according to Nanjing Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, July 27.

This is the second time that Nanjing salted duck products have entered the Hong Kong market since the trade was halted in 2013 due to the bird flu.

Fat but not greasy, tender and delicious, the Nanjing salted ducks are very popular in Hong Kong.

A special production line of the Nanjing salted ducks has been built to cater to Hong Kong people’s taste. With the help of Nanjing Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, the Nanjing Osmanthus Ducks group cooperated with a snack retail brand in Hong Kong to adjust the flavor.

Translated by Mei Rong (intern)

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