A guide to breakfast in Suqian
2017-07-31 16:51:00

For many people in Suqian, every morning begins with a fried bread stick, a bowl of stewed tofu, two fried buns and a bowl of rice porridge.

Spicy soup + fried buns

Having a bowl of spicy soup in the morning is a habit for lots of Suqian citizens. Chinese cabbage, seaweed, bean curd sheet, cellophane noodles, gluten, long yellow daylily… a bowl of spicy soup is formed with the simple combination of these ingredients, but its contents are rich. The catch is, the spicy soup doesn’t actually taste spicy.

Suqian people love to eat fried buns. Fried buns are crescent-shaped. When cooking the fried buns, you need to steam them first, and then use oil to fry them on the pan. The bun looks delicious with a crispy outside and soft inside.

Beef fried dumplings + Satang Soup

The beef brisket with beef bones is boiled in a cast iron until the bone essences fully into the soup. Then you will smell its rich flavor. The hot beef broth and a bowl of broken eggs make for a bowl of delicious soup!

The beef fried dumplings and the Satang Soup is a pair. The ground beef is wrapped in a thin dumpling skin. Your mouth will water as the beef dumpling is fried until golden and then dipped in chili sauce.

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