Huaiyang chefs showcase skills in HK
2017-07-11 15:12:00


To mark the 20th anniversary of Hong Kong’s return to China, a Huaiyang food week was launched in Hong Kong on July 7.

Chefs specializing in Huaiyang cuisine prepared an innovative Huaiyang classic - Red Mansion Banquet, a series of traditional dishes created by culinary and cultural experts in Jiangsu based on the food described in the literary masterpiece A Dream of Red Mansions.

At the opening ceremony, artists from Yangzhou of Jiangsu province also showcased a series of intangible cultural heritages including paper-cutting, embroidery, woodblock printing, tanci kaipian (storytelling in a local dialect to the accompaniment of stringed instruments), Yangzhou storytelling, and Yangzhou ditty and puppet show.

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