Traditional snack go with the times
2017-03-29 16:58:00

The head store of Sanfenqiao Butcher's Shop on Zhongshan Road of Wuxi was full of customers on the afternoon of March 27. Almost all passers-by had a Qingtuan (a local stuffed snack made of glutinous rice mixed with Chinese mugwort or barley grass) in hand and some even took pictures with it, creating a unique view on Zhongshan Road.

Sanfengqiao launched a new Qingtuan product called "Qingtuan with salted egg yolk and meat floss" this year, which is an equivalent to an online hit offered by Xinghualou Restaurant in Shanghai.

The Qingtuan weighs 80g each and uses different stuffing and wrapping than traditional ones.

It is learnt that traditional Qingtuan is stuffed with red bean paste and is sweet, but the new product is stuffed with salted egg yolk and meat floss at a certain mixing ratio, and tastes salty and sweet. Besides, the wrapping of traditional Qingtuan is made of glutinous rice but the star product's wrapping is made of several types of flour mixed at a certain ratio too.

An employee at the store said that they sold more than 10,000 Qingtuan in just one day since the star product was launched at the store.

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