Nantong delicacy: daoyu wonton
2017-03-28 17:01:00

Coilia ectenes, or daoyu (knife fish) in Chinese, travels from the ocean to the Yangtze River to breed every March. It is also a time for people to enjoy the delicacy of their extremely tender texture and fresh taste.

The fish may have scales and many bones, but this hasn't stopped Nantong people from loving it. People in Nantong developed daoyu wonton to avoid dealing with the fishbones.

The first step is to get rid of big bones of the fish and then smash the meat with the spine of the kitchen knife. The fish is known for its numerous thin bones, which would be mingled with the meat if it is smashed with the edge of a knife. While processed with the spine of the knife, the tiny bones will remain intact as the meat is smashed. The big bone cannot be thrown out because it is the material for another delicacy.

The next step is to chop up the fish meat until it sticks to the blade. The whole chopping process will take up to 30 minutes. In order to keep the fresh taste and nutrition, the fish scales must be chopped along with the meat too.

Pork and egg white are also essential ingredients to improve the taste of the daoyu wonton. Mixing the right amount, plus green onion, ginger and wine, is the secret to the stuffing of wonton.

The wonton will be ready just after a few minutes' boiling, and you can enjoy the extremely tender texture and fresh taste of this special delicacy.

Fried fish bone, served with ingredients such as green onion and garlic, is another delicacy.

The fish is said to taste best from mid-March until Tomb Sweeping Day. It is best to taste the local delicacy these days. Editor:Dylan

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