Traditional Suzhou dishes add to spring fragrance
2017-03-17 16:13:00

As the temperature goes up, Suzhou has come to the most beautiful time of spring.

A seasonal dish contest was recently held at Shuangta Street in Suzhou's Gusu district.

The bright-colored and soft braised soy sauce pork is Suzhou residents' favorite dish in spring.

Xu Qing living in the Wangshi Lane community is a skilled cook. She said the quality of pork is very important, which is preferably streaky pork sliced into two-square-inch cubes. Some rock candies can be added and water can be replaced by beer to make the pork more fragrant and tasty.

field snail stuffed with meat

Field snail before the Tomb-sweeping Day is also a popular dish in Suzhou. There are two ways to cook field snail in traditional Suzhou recipe, one is stir-frying it with the shell, and the other is picking out the snail meat, chopping it up and mixing it with pork.

As spring vegetables are available now, Suzhou residents won't miss the opportunity to enjoy all kinds of green dishes, such as cedrela sinensis fried with eggs and shepherd's-purse with bean curd.

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