Food in Jiangsu

Twenty dishes were cooked with common food materials such as fish, pork, vegetables and bean products in the cuisine laboratory of the College of Traveling Cooking of Yangzhou University on the morning of August 12, bringing in a greening and frugality-themed banquet.[Detail]
Mudun Island, located in Sihong County, Suqian City, is the only inhabited island on Hongze Lake. Its unique geographical location and historical background nourish the fisherman's food culture of Mudun Island. [Detail]
A wonton restaurant in Wuxi's Liangxi district is warming the hearts and bellies of local elderly residents by encouraging customers to buy extra bowls of wontons for those in need.[Detail]
The delicious hairy crabs from Jiangsu province are making the annual comeback to treat the appetite of the local people in about one-month time .[Detail]
Space Lotus Cooperative members were busy harvesting lotus seed pods in Xishunhe town of Hongze area on August 10. [Detail]
This is the first ever trade show specially organized for local producers and e-retailers for the sake of optimizing their sales channels and seeking matchmaking opportunities .[Detail]
Yue’s Chasan, a traditional deep-fried dough twist, is well known in Huai’an. The snack has been made by 19 generations of the Yue family and won a bronze medal at the Nanyang Industrial Exposition and a gold medal at Expocomer. In 2014, Yue Yunfei, as inheritor of making Yue’s Chasan, was named Excellent Intangible Cultural Heritage Inheritor in Huai’an [Detail]
Every season has its corresponding delicacy in Suzhou. As August is here, let's see what summer delicacies the city has for you. [Detail]
A total of five tons of Nanjing salted duck (or osmanthus duck) products n five different varieties arrived in Hong Kong, according to Nanjing Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, July 27. [Detail]
For many people in Suqian, every morning begins with a fried bread stick, a bowl of stewed tofu, two fried buns and a bowl of rice porridge.[Detail]
Roasted sheep head, a delicacy of Xuzhou, attracted many admiring diners at the 2017 Xuzhou Fuyang Festival. [Detail]
Steamed chicken with Pickled Cabbage : An unconventional chicken " salad " pairing cooked chicken on top of sweet and sour pickled cabbage and drizzled with a slightly spicy savory dressing . [ Photo provided to China Daily ].Nanjing Impressions tested other locations within China , such as Beijing , but the first overseas Nanjing Impressions was opened last year in Singapore , a city famous for its near-fanatical gourmets .Plain noodles in a dark broth , and a flavorful finish to a satisfying meal . [ Photo provided to China Daily ].[Detail]
Steamed buns are stuffed with juicy pork and you can even suck gravy from a small breach , making it one of the most popular Wuxi cuisines . [ Photo Provided to China Daily ].[Detail]
In addition to the Wansan pork shank , a signature dish named after Shen Wansan , the first millionaire from Jiangnan , the region south of the Yangtze River Delta during the Ming Dynasty ( 1368-1644 ) .A chef makes qingtuanzi , a kind of green-colored glutinous rice cake , at Shengting Jiujia in Zhouzhuang , Jiangsu province . [ Photo provided to chinadaily . cn ].[Detail]
China's railway system launched online food ordering services at 27 major stations operating high-speed trains on July 17.[Detail]