Food in Jiangsu

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Huai ’ an City , Jiangsu Province organized a promotion conference for its upcoming food expo and agricultural products under the brand Huaiwei Qiannian in Shanghai on April 12 , attracting representatives from nearly 40 companies including Walmart .[Detail]
A view of lines of jars used to make soy sauce and vinegar in traditional ways at the Huai’an Pulou Soy Sauce and Vinegar Food Co., Ltd. [Detail]
Workers pick tea leaves at an ecological tea garden in Wuxi, east China's Jiangsu Province, March 29, 2019. Tea farmers are busy with picking up tea leaves before the Qingming Festival, which falls on April 5 this year, as tea leaves of this period of time are in high-quality.[Detail]
Women plucks Yuhua Tea leaves in the Nanjing Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum tea plantation, March 21, 2019. It’s the time to harvest tea leaves in spring. The making of Yuhua Tea, a famous brand in China, involves a time-consuming process to ensure the best quality, such as withering, proper control of the tea leaf oxidation at a desired level, rolling, drying and storage.[Detail]
More than 600 guests from over 20 countries around the world attended the 2nd International Strawberry Brand Symposium held in Lishui District, Nanjing City, capital of Jiangsu Province on March 2 and 3.[Detail]
Farmers are working in a tea plantation at Jiangsu Tea Expo Garden in Jurong City, East China’s Jiangsu Province, February 25, 2019.[Detail]
Our presenters, Ahmed from Egypt and Valeriya from Belarus visited the home of You Xin, a native of Nanjing, to taste an authentic family dinner on New Year’s Eve. [Detail]
The seventh day of the Lunar New Year is also the first day people are back to work after the holiday. Some people may still be locked in the vacation mood and need a cup of coffee to get back on track.[Detail]
At L'AROME, a French Restaurant in Nanjing, they tried the linguine with lobster sauce.[Detail]
For this Spring Festival, JiangsuNow has invited Valeriya from Belarus and Ahmed from Egypt to a guided tour in Nanjing and explore what’s tasty, interesting and touching about the city.[Detail]
A fisherman dries fish for the upcoming Spring Festival, China’s Lunar New Year, in Hongze District of Huaian City, east China's Jiangsu Province, Jan. 17, 2019. [Detail]
A new persimmon cultivar introduced by Huai’an Horticulture Station made it to the list of “top ten quality products” at the 9th National Symposium on Persimmon Production and Scientific Research, organized by the Diospyros kaki committee of the Chinese Society for Horticultural Science.[Detail]
The delicacies market of the Confucius Temple in Nanjing has reopened after a few years of suspension. Local catering enterprises as well as famous snacks from Lanzhou, Qufu and Kunshan cities joined the Golden Autumn Food Exhibition on October 10. [Detail]