Food in Jiangsu

Organized by the Huaian People’s Government, a news conference to promote agricultural brands in Huaian City entitled “Huaian Flavors: 1,000 Years” was held in Beijing, on March 15.[Detail]
A seasonal snack that uses flowers as fillings, known as Jiuniangbing or Wine-rice Cake, has hit the market in Suzhou City as spring arrives and flowers are in bloom.[Detail]
Opening a bakery to satisfy one ' s own picky taste seems a little bit willful , but here ' s a lovely German uncle who runs three bakeries producing German breads in Shaxi town , Taicang .[Detail]
As spring comes and flowers are in bloom, it’s also sales season for coilia ectenes, an important fish resource in the Yangtze River. On March 5, the fishery administration in Zhenjiang City issued 100 fishing licenses, with 20 coilia ectenes caught in the first net.[Detail]
Tao Genyuan , owner of a Shaxi town ' s cake store , shows the eight-treasure glutinous rice cake he makes . [ Photo/WeChat account : taicangdaily ].[Detail]
The third season of the documentary "A Bite of China" produced by China Central Television (CCTV) features both cuisine and gourmet from the eastern province of Jiangsu.[Detail]
Braised pork ribs are among the signature dishes of Wuxi that are characterized by sweetness . [ Photo provided to China Daily ] The one feature of Wuxi food that distinguishes it from other cuisines in the Yangtze River Delta region is its sweetness .Which is considered to be the best breeding ground for these crustaceans , many farmers have entered the business in the Taihu region over the past few years .[Detail]
Feb. 9 of 2018 marks the 24th day of the 12th lunar month, or Xiaonian in Suzhou. There is the tradition in Suzhou that people eat glutinous rice cakes on this day to welcome the coming Spring Festival. [Detail]
Taihu Lake , one of China ' s five largest , spans Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces .Covering about 2250 square kilometers , the lake boasts beautiful natural landscape and abundant aquatic resources .[Detail]
From now on, passengers on board the China Eastern Airlines flights can have a chance to taste Funing rice cake, a traditional snack in Yancheng’s Funing county. [Detail]
A brand release conference for Xuyi Longxia rice was held in Nanjing, Jan. 17. Xuyi Longxia rice officially hit the online market.[Detail]
At a hand-pulled noodle restaurant in the Economic Development Zone in Changzhou, Li Enhai, who has broken the Guinness World Record four times, displayed his noodle-pulling technique the morning of Nov 18. [Detail]
The traditional Chinese cuisine delegation led by the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Jiangsu province hosted a Huaiyang cuisine appreciation gala in Denmark. [Detail]