Food in Jiangsu

No one can imagine that the rice flour cakes made by an ordinary small roadside shop at No. 20 Zhadong Road in Hai’an county of Jiangsu’s Nantong, is the well-known No.1 Rice Flour Cake in Hai’an. [Detail]
Huai’an people like to eat noodles. There are noodle restaurants on almost every street in the city, with business hours ranging from 6 or 7 in the morning to late at night every day.[Detail]
There is an old saying in Suzhou that goes something like , " what soup is to noodles , is what singing is to opera . " There are three basic components , soup , noodles and toppings in the unique Suzhou style noodles .[Detail]
Sesame seed cakes are baked in an oven at a workshop in Xiting Township of Nantong City, east China's Jiangsu Province, Sept. 18, 2017. The traditional food of Xiting sesame seed cake has a long history dating back to over a hundred years ago.[Detail]
The judges selected the top 10 specialties and the Gold Crab, Silver Crab and Copper Crab winners. The medals will be conferred at the opening ceremony of the 2017 Yangcheng Lake Tourism Festival & Yangcheng Lake Hairy Crab Festival to be held on September 21. [Detail]
Three quick-frozen steamed buns manufacturers in Yangzhou were launched under the regulation of the China National Accreditation Service on Sept 13. The service requires that products for home and overseas markets are produced on the same assembly lines, with the same standard and quality. A fast-frozen steamed buns manufacturer also received registration in Singapore and Japan. This means customers can enjoy the same tasty steamed buns both at home and abroad. [Detail]
Moon cakes are making the annual comeback with the approaching footstep of the Mid-Autumn Festival as bakeries and retailers are both trying their best to woo consumers. [Detail]
A large number of seafood are becoming available in Yancheng as the Yellow Sea fishing season starts.[Detail]
As the autumn comes, nothing is happier than eating wonton. [Detail]
Noodles are far from the only choice for breakfast in Changzhou. As a matter of fact, Changzhou can offer different breakfast every day for a whole month. [Detail]
Various experts on food culture, tourism and cooking expressed their views and suggestions on building the “Yancheng Badawan” brand and dish cooking standards at the “Badawan” food culture expert symposium of Yancheng on Aug 26.[Detail]
Autumn is the best season for the Chinese people to savor the delicacy of the hairy crabs. The hairy crabs have been put up for sale on the market in small quantities but the yield will decrease from a year ago due to the sweltering heat wave in the summer.[Detail]
The “Michelin Crystal Bus” – Taizhou tourism cuisine tour was held on Aug 17 at Star Ferry Pier in central Hong Kong.[Detail]