Jiangsu Symbols

A farmer collects tea leaves at a tea garden in Dongshan Township of Suzhou, east China's Jiangsu Province, March 21, 2017.[Detail]
The theme song " Gardenia and White Orchid " and its derivative products were officially released at the Lakeside Hotel in Suzhou on Dec 2.[Detail]
Zhenhu, located in the west of Su Zhou new district, is a time-honored ancient town with typical Wu and Taihu culture. [Detail]
An exhibition of traditional handicrafts made in Suzhou in Jiangsu province, titled "Suzhou's Creative Marvels", was unveiled at Prince Kung's Mansion in Beijing on October 7.[Detail]
Dadawa ( also known as Zhu Zheqin ) , the United Nations Development Program China ' s National Goodwill Ambassador , visited Zhao Shuxian , the inheritor of intangible cultural heritage Nanjing velvet flower craft on Aug.31.[Detail]
Nanjing Yunjin tapestry dates back almost 1,600 years. The traditional Jacquard silk patterns are as various and as beautiful as the clouds in the sky, hence the name "Yunjin", which means "cloud-pattern brocade" in Chinese. [Detail]
Suzhou embroidery
Suzhou Embroidery has a history of more than 2500 years , known for its " delicacy , exquisiteness , elegance and conciseness " and honored as " China ' s Best Embroidery " and " National Treasure of China . ".When embroidering , artists make recreations that can realize better visual and artistic effects .[Detail]
The folk song Jasmine Flower (Molihua) was composed during the Qing dynasty (AD 1616-1912) and was one of the first Chinese songs to become popular abroad. [Detail]
Astatue of Hua Yanjun ( A ' Bing ) playing the Erhu was erected in downtown Wuxi , Jiangsu province . [ Photo / rednet . cn ].It was rebuilt in 1993 and is now a memorial to A ’ Bing and his numerous musical achievements .[Detail]
Speaking of the folk traditional fabric art , you may think of sachets and tiger-head shoes.[Detail]
The list of Chinese candidates of the third Asia-Pacific Master Craftsmen was released recently, among which there are three national arts and crafts masters from Yangzhou.[Detail]
The Tianning Pagoda in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province opened one palace hall of its fifth floor to public recently. [Detail]
The "Three Treasures in Changzhou" that debuted at the exposition, namely the comb, Liuqing bamboo carving, and crewel embroidery, attracted the attention of the fans of intangible handicrafts from all parts of the world.[Detail]
The preparatory work of the application of Qinhuai Lantern Fair to UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Lists started recently. It is expected that the official application be made within two years.[Detail]
The 11th China Jade and Stone Carving Expo kicked off in Yangzhou on Apr 15. About 10,000 visitors came to the scene to get a close touch with the choicest jade carvings and stone carvings.[Detail]