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More than 2,000 restaurants around Shanghai have installed see-through kitchens in a bid to improve food safety. In these restaurants, a piece of glass separates the kitchen from the dining area so that both diners and regulators have a clear idea of what's going on behind the scenes. [Detail]
Can an artist and a chef find meaning together in deep red? [Detail]
Shanghai shoppers make a run on Beijing buns
Shanghai may be well-known for being a fast-paced city that never sleeps, but there is one thing that its residents will slow down for-food. [Detail]
Food Insider: 7 things you may not know about spring bamboo shoots
Although bamboo shoots grow all year round, spring bamboo shoots are considered the best as they are especially crispy and juicy.[Detail]
Belgian chocolate firms target Chinese market
The fourth Brussels "Le Salon du Chocolat" brought together more than 130 Belgian chocolate manufacturers, distributors and confectioners recently, offering a visual and interactive experience. [Detail]
Tian Bo, 30, is a cook working at the Huanglongxi tourist site in Chengdu City. Recently, he became an instant internet hit after a video showing him dancing while stretching noodles was published online. [Detail]
A dumpling banquet for hundreds of people was held in the village of Juanzhuang in Pingshan County, Hebei province on Feb. 21.[Detail]
Blending Two Food Staples To Produce A Winner
For Alex Cree, the idea for a pizza-baozzi fusion brand was born on a trip to Guangdong. [Detail]
Workers make rice cakes at a food products factory in Jiashan County, east China's Zhejiang Province, Jan. 24, 2017. Traditional snacks are part of the Chinese Spring Festival, China's most important holiday for family reunions, which falls on Jan. 28 this year. [Detail]
Tossing raw fish salad is a fun family tradition in Singapore during Chinese New Year . ? Lao yusheng , when people stand around the table to toss the dish together and utter blessings , has become the star of every reunion dinner .[Detail]
Foodies who are eager to sample delicious Chinese food must not miss the newly published book - The Guide to La Liste ' s Top Chinese Restaurants .For La Liste ' s restaurant guides , the organizer typically looks at reviews of the restaurants by guidebooks , online sites and trusted publications .Xie says that the three co-authors plan to put out a revised version of its Chinese restaurant book based on the new list , which will also include top restaurants from Hong Kong , Macao and Taiwan .So it is convenient for them to match wines with the food .[Detail]
French flavors grace guest chef's menu like a fugue
When a foreign chef arrives in China for a guest stint in a restaurant kitchen, the first adventure is usually at customs. Most bring a suitcase – or two – full of ingredients they fear won't be available in the Chinese mainland.[Detail]
With Spring Festival just around the corner, Shenting Jiujia is Zhouzhuang is proving a popular choice for family reunions.[Detail]
Stocking up on meats, sweets and wines for the Chinese New Year is part of the fun of the holiday. The Year of the Rooster starts on January 28. [Detail]
On the heels of spicy gluten "Wei Long La Tiao" and "Lao Gan Ma" oil chili sauce, another Chinese specialty product is winning global recognition for its medicinal properties. [Detail]