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Stocking up on meats, sweets and wines for the Chinese New Year is part of the fun of the holiday. The Year of the Rooster starts on January 28. [Detail]
On the heels of spicy gluten "Wei Long La Tiao" and "Lao Gan Ma" oil chili sauce, another Chinese specialty product is winning global recognition for its medicinal properties. [Detail]
Traditional cuisines in Maldives are introduced by Ambassador of the Maldives to China Mohamed Faisal ( L2 ) and his wife ( R3 ) during the activity " A taste of Maldives with Ambassador Faisal " in Ambassador ' s Residence in Beijing , Dec . 19 .[Detail]
Nanjing ' s cuisine is informed by its opportune geography - especially its proximity to the Yangtze .[Detail]
Shaoxing strives to rejuvenate rice wine's aging spirit
David swipes his hand across the Shaoxing skyline as if to undo the cluster of high-rises that have shot up in the past ten years. [Detail]
Peru comes to the table
With all eyes on Lima on the weekend, three Peruvian siblings are eager to share their country's globally popular cuisine with Beijing diners, Mike Peters reports.[Detail]
Japanese fare with a Taiwan twist
During winter, there are few things more pleasurable than to eat a delicious meal in a cozy restaurant, either by oneself, or with family and friends.[Detail]
The four varieties of Shaoxing rice wine ranging from dry (far left) to sweet (far right) are often eaten with a traditional savory snack, such as these salted fava beans.[Detail]
Bugs, flowers and rodents on your plate
Silkworm chrysalises. Pumpkin blossoms. Bamboo rats. Bon appetit! Yunnan's provincial capital, Kunming, is a place where honeybee pupae, locusts, caterpillars, dragonflies and bamboo worms are deep-fried.[Detail]
Grab that crab
Since the 1930s, the restaurant had been offering customers boiled hairy crabs with its famed yellow wine, which in China is somewhat equivalent to pairing oysters and champagne in France. [Detail]
Rice noodles cooked with snails , a signature street food of Liuzhou in south China ' s Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous region , are becoming a popular snack around the world .[Detail]
The 2016 IKA Culinary Olympics, one of the most elite and competitive culinary events in the world, drew to a close in Germany on Oct. 26. [Detail]
For executive chef Luis A. Chiu, whose family started in the food business in Mexico City's Chinatown back in 1946, he is the only person in Mexico to take advantage of his culinary heritage to recreate Chinese tradition with an extensive variety of dishes from four of the Asian giant's gastronomic regions. [Detail]
Chinese eating, food shopping habits under New Zealand microscope
A new research program would look at the factors - including attitudes, behaviors and lifestyles - that motivated Chinese consumers to buy food that improved their health, the government's Food and Plant Research institute said Tuesday.[Detail]
Week-long 'Guangdong Food Festival' held in U.S.(3/5)
Employees get some Guangdong cuisine at a cafeteria of a high tech firm in Silicon Valley, the United States, Oct. 11, 2016.[Detail]