A Chinese-owned company is sponsoring the $5.6 million renovation of an 18th century London pagoda believed to have been inspired by a 15th century Nanjing structure [Detail]
Taking Chinese music to the world
Shen Lihui's Modern Sky music label is one of the largest of its kind in China having released over 200 records for Chinese indie musicians [Detail]
Visitors come to the Art Central at Central Harbourfront in Hong Kong , south China , March 21 .[Detail]
Photos of bottles found in an Amsterdam canal, vintage jewelry, antique coins and videos on light are displayed at a chic show at a new art space in Sanlitun, an entertainment hub in Beijing. [Detail]
A centuries-old legend that a vast booty of treasure belonging to the leader of a Chinese peasants uprising was lying at the bottom of a river has now been proven true. [Detail]
Cast members Emma Watson and Dan Stevens pose at the premiere of " Beauty and the Beast " in Los Angeles , California US , March 2 .[Detail]
Folk rock legend Paul Simon has announced a US tour to promote biodiversity efforts as fears mount for the long-term survival of life on Earth .[Detail]
Mao Dun's family sues auction shop for selling manuscript
On Monday, the third court hearing over Chinese novelist Mao Dun's manuscript, which was put up at auction, was held in Nanjing's Liuhe District Court, as Mao's descendants believed the Nanjing Jingdian Auction Company had violated copyright by publishing the information and photos of the manuscript without permission. [Detail]
On a warm and humid spring day in Southern China's Guangzhou, a routine performance of the Yueju Opera is staged at the Tongle Restaurant - the only surviving tea house devoted to the traditional performing art form in the capital city of Guangdong province. [Detail]
Hong Kong int'l film, TV event kicks off
The 21th edition of the Hong Kong International Film and TV Market (FILMART) sprang into action on Monday for a four-day run at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. [Detail]
Chinese bronze vessels to be stars of Christie's sale
Four 3,000-year-old Chinese bronze ritual vessels are among 31 Chinese works of art to be auctioned at a New York sale on Wednesday night. [Detail]
Taiwan stars Alec Su and Ruby Lin team up again in the forthcoming thriller The Devotion of Suspect X, adapted from Japanese author Keigo Higashino's award-wining novel with the same title. [Detail]
Zhang Jiachun, who plays the role of Gretchen, puts on makeup backstage before the performance of experimental Peking opera "Faust" in Rome, Italy, March 12, 2017. [Detail]
China's volume of international trade in cultural products and services reached 88.52 billion US dollars last year, achieving a surplus of 68.8 billion US dollars, new Ministry of Commerce statistics show. [Detail]
Cultural protection enhanced for small ethnic minorities
"I am proud my home village has preserved its traditional style," said Tashi Yangjen, the only deputy to the 12th National People's Congress (NPC) from the Luoba ethnic group. [Detail]