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Animals enjoy cosy weather in China's Guangzhou[Detail]
Recently, a strange fish was caught at Wenling Longmen Port in Wenzhou. A fishery officer confirmed that it was trunkfish, a species possessing a boxy body and highly toxic viscera. [Detail]
On a typical American dating show, the Bachelorette will act impressed by her suitor though she is clearly out of his league. She will at least pretend be nice to a man even if his job title is simply 'hipster.'[Detail]
After the removal of two bears and a black swan statue , a golden bull was placed inside a shopping mall across the street from the China Securities Regulatory Commission ( CSRC ) in Beijing . Chinese investors are thrilled by the new statue .[Detail]
Born in Atlanta in the U.S., the giant panda twins “Mei Lun” and “ Mei Huan” returned to their hometown-southwest China’s Sichuan province early in November. [Detail]
As U.S. President Barack Obama prepares to leave office in January, another man – one who shares a physical appearance with Obama but not much else – is also preparing for some major life changes. [Detail]
By paying 78 yuan ($11.4), you can get such a handmade and warm weird headgear for whatever purposes as you intend.[Detail]
A sales group founded by 10 construction supply and furniture companies in Hanzhong of Shaanxi Province is reportedly punishing employees by forcing them to eat live mealworms mixed with spirits for not hitting targets .[Detail]
An Japanese man creates his Buddha sculpture with 20000 dead bugs. [Detail]
The prestigious Peking University has said that releasing animals is banned on its campus and that it will punish those responsible after six women tried to release hundreds of exotic turtles in its lake on Tuesday.[Detail]
On September 3, a man surnamed He, from China's Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, died from the naegleria flowleri, also known as "brain-eating amoeba", after visiting a scenic spot in Shenzhen with his family and bathing in the water on August 14, SZNEWS reports.[Detail]
US presidential debate turns into 'duet' on social media
The second US presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump , most likely one of the nastiest US presidential debates in recent history , turned into a duet in the imaginations of netizens across the world .[Detail]
About 100 graduates from 11 universities in Shanghai pose for graduation photos on a roller coaster in Shanghai’s Happy Valley theme park, June 13, 2016. (Photo: China News Service/Pan Suofei)
About 100 graduates from 11 universities in Shanghai pose for graduation photos on a roller coaster in Shanghai's Happy Valley theme park, June 13, 2016.[Detail]
Replicas of world landmarks including the Pyramid, the Great Sphinx, the Acropolis at Athens, the Colosseum, the Arc de Triomphe and the Statue of Liberty are seen at a scenic area in Ningbo City, East China's Zhejiang Province, Oct. 7, 2016. The area claims it allows visitors to travel around the world in one stop. [Detail]
Sun Fengqing, a 53-year-old elderly Chinese man, holds up a banner to sell his labor power in Binzhou, Shandong. His 6-year-old grandson was diagnosed with leukemia this year, and he has spent all his money to help cure his illness. The family is now considering selling their house. [Detail]