Retired teachers donate one million yuan to help poor students
2018-05-31 16:19:00

A pair of silver-haired, elderly people donated one million yuan ($156,000) to Yancheng Teachers University, on May 30, 2018.

The husband Bao Bin, 93, worked at Academic Affairs Office of Business School at the university before retirement. His wife Lu Yijun, 87, was once a teacher at the school for children of Yancheng textiles factory workers.

In the early 1990s, Bao Bin sponsored two students, marking the start of the couple’s donation to poor students.

“One semester has passed. It was you who sent the tuition fee to me and my brother, enabling us to continue the study in a beautiful school like other students... We will reward you with our good academic results. In the next semester, we will surely send you each of our certificate of learning merit." A pair of twins in Suqian City, funded by the couple, regularly report their study progress.

Whenever they find children from families with financial difficulties cannot afford to go to school. Bao and his wife will lend a helping hand, providing fund to 10 impoverished students in total. The old couple has lived a simple life and saved one million. After discussions for a long time, they have decided to donate their lifetime savings to Yancheng Teachers University and set up a student aid fund, asking the university to help find the children who really need help.

“We feel very happy to help children from poverty-stricken families and allow them to study at ease,” they said.

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