Jiangsu to subsidize 70 senior technicians to study in Germany
2018-05-22 16:44:00

Jiangsu media reported on May 22 that, the province will subsidize 70 senior technicians from companies and organizations to join a training program in Germany within this year, including 25 trainees for electromechanical integration, 25 for numerical control processing and 20 for auto maintenance technology.

The recipients of the fund are high-tech talents with senior or higher professional qualifications in companies related to high-end manufacturing in Jiangsu. Instructors in key technical colleges and universities in the province may also apply for the program, after their application gets approved by officials from the municipal department first. The recipients must have certain English or German listening and speaking skills, and should be below 45 years old. For winners of Skills Awards of China, leaders of skill master studios, and skilled personnel receiving special government allowances, their age limit can be extended to 55. The candidates for the program will be declared by their employers. The list of applicants will be reviewed by the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau and the Finance Bureau of each city and county. Jiangsu Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security and the Department of Finance will determine the final winners of the fund.


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