New approaches to traditional cultural education in Suzhou
2018-05-11 17:01:00

Teachers at Suzhou Pingzhi Experimental Primary School taught how to make tiger-head shoes and round silk fans, as an intangible cultural heritage, flute ensemble to students on the afternoon of April 10,  which gained much applause.

For many years, the school has cultivated a group of outstanding teachers familiar with traditional Chinese culture. In addition to art teachers who teach about silk fans, bamboo flute and Chinese calligraphy, the school’s Chinese teachers are qualified to teach classic literature and the sports teachers can inculcate knowledge of chess. Thirty-six head teachers can offer classes on traditional festivals, local customs and folk activities.

The Gusu District of Suzhou pays great attention to the inheritance and influence of traditional culture. It integrates resources, takes the school as a center to promote education on traditional culture and explores distinctive education methods to boost traditional culture among youngsters.

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