Jiangsu draws ‘talent map’ of international students
2018-05-07 18:11:00

The departments of commerce and education of Jiangsu Province launched a “talent map” of international students at Hohai University on April 4, an information platform for companies going global in need of international personnel.

The first job fair specialized for international students at Jiangsu Province, held on the same day, attracted 71 enterprises offering more than 1,100 positions. And over 2,000 international students went there for employment and career opportunities.

According to Wang Chengbin, deputy chief with Jiangsu’s educational department, the newly released platform is an information service carrier for institutions, companies and domestic and international students. It consists of enrollment, education, internship, employment and social service, and focuses on helping companies recruit talents in their “going global” effort and providing internship and employment opportunities for international students. Over 7,000 international students and nearly 800 companies have published their information on the platform.

Jiangsu has seen a rapid growth of international students, and 87 institutions of higher education enrolled around 40,000 international students from 182 countries in 2017.

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Source:jschina.com.cn Editor:Nicky