Yangzhou University holds ‘reading marathon’
2018-04-23 16:00:00


In the run-up to the 23rd World Book and Copyright Day on April 23, a competition called “I Read Marathon” was held in the Mathematical Sciences School of Yangzhou University on April 21.

The event called on students to be mindful of their use of the Internet and mobile phones and spend more time with books. Participants, separated from their phones and the Internet, needed to complete high-quality reading under a given time in the library of the university’s Slender West Lake Campus.

Putting their cellphones in bags before the competition, 80 participants selected books from those provided by organizers and began the 2.5-hour reading. At the end of the event, participants were required to write down what they learned and share it with others.


The competition had more than 100 books including novels, and those on history, the humanities and natural sciences for selection, all donated by author Wu Xiping, also a teacher at Yangzhou University.

Zhu Xinquan, deputy Party chief of the school, said the reading contest was also a challenge to willpower and faith just like a real marathon race. He said he hopes the event can promote reading among the public and enable students to truly fall in love with reading.

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