AI to empower weather forecast: Nanjing researcher
2018-03-23 17:13:00

March 23 this year marks the 58th World Meteorological Day, with “Weather-ready, climate-smart” as the theme. The Meteorological Research Institute at the Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology (NUIST) is now applying artificial intelligence to forecast weather changes, particularly the occurrence and development of convective storms. Some research results are being put into practice.

Professor Miao Chunsheng of NUIST and also the leading researcher at the institute, said the meteorological sector uses a lot of Big Data. In the past, a forecaster’s strength relied on rich experiences, but machine learning has the advantage of collecting tons of data to continuously improve the modeling in order to identify potential big winds, thunderstorms and rainstorms.

AI means accurate weather forecasts can be realized in a one square kilometer area. Smart weather prediction also will usher in a huge service market with great growth potential, such as introduction into autonomous driving systems. “Some international car makers wish we could use big meteorological data to improve the stability of self-driving cars under extreme weather, such as fog and icy roads,” said Miao.

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