South Korean student in Suzhou enrolled in ‘most desirable college’
2018-03-13 17:00:00

New York University Abu Dhabi, with only 1 percent admission rate, is known for its high standards to gain acceptance. Nevertheless, a student from South Korea in Suzhou has received an offer from Abu Dhabi.

Kim Minwoo can speak fluent Chinese after growing up in Suzhou with his parents who work in the city long term. The branch campus of NYU in the Middle East city only accepts one of 100 applicants and has kept that ratio stable since its initial year in 2010. Only about 10 students are picked from China each year.

Kim said that he perhaps was accepted due to his open mind and unique perspective on economics. Kim is more interested in liberal arts although he performs well in scientific courses. He is proficient in Chinese, Korean and English and well versed of the three cultures. “You can try to look at a problem with a multi-dimensional culture and broad perspective,” Kim explained.

More and more expats have their children in Suzhou schools amid its rapid economic growth and increasing cultural tolerance. Data from the city’s educational department shows there are six schools for overseas students including one for the children of Taiwan business people and one for returnees’ children. There are also eight higher learning institutes established by Chinese and foreign organizations, 29 joint educational programs and many branches affiliated to world-famous universities in Suzhou.

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