Nanjing University launches institute for artificial intelligence
2018-03-08 10:43:00

A new school dedicated to artificial intelligence (AI) research was launched by Nanjing University on March 6.

The university’s School of Computer Science and Technology is listed among the First-grade National Key Disciplines in China and its National Key Laboratory of New Computer Software Technology has been rated as “excellent” in assessment for three times in a row. After a long time of development, the university now boasts major advantages in software and intelligence, while the research on AI also enjoys strong influence worldwide.

Established in a new era for AI’s development, the school commits to build a first-class base for AI fundamental research and talent cultivation. It will explore a new path in AI development with priorities on quality, form a coordinated development model focused on ‘fundamental research, talent cultivation and industrial innovation,’ and build itself into a world-leading academic stronghold and talent hub.

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