Nanjing students get to learn at UC Berkeley
2018-03-07 17:21:00

Seventeen students from Nanjing No.1 Middle School visited the University of California Berkeley in the U.S. from Feb. 3 to 23, creating a special memory while engaging in labs with supervisors.

The trip is part of the GOLD Science Fair, which is a joint research program by the International Department of Nanjing No.1 Middle School and the College of Chemistry at UC Berkeley. It’s the first such program for high school students by the college that ranks No. 1 in the world.

The program aims to teach students how to conduct research. The college’s professors not only teach students theories and practices, but also how to research independently, preparing them early for a university education.

The 17 Chinese students in their second and third year of studies were joined by three teachers to understand what study is like at a famous U.S. university.

Qiao Liang, a third-year participant, said he used to take it simple that scientific research would be fun, but the experience over the winter holiday showed him that it may take years or tens of years to make a breakthrough and wining international awards like a Nobel Prize must be even more difficult.

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