Nanjing headmaster’s opening speech goes viral
2018-03-01 17:03:00

Zhang Hengzhu, the headmaster of Nanjing No. 9 Middle School, gave a keynote speech at the opening ceremony of the new semester on Feb. 25, which not only resonated with students and parents but also went viral soon after the ceremony.

Zhang Hengzhu told the audience in the speech- “Do Not Allow Mobile Phones to Steal Your Dreams”- that “Steven Jobs could never set up Apple by searching with Google, Tu Youyou could not win the Nobel Prize with online searches and you will never make true friends by playing computer games like Glory of the King together.” Zhang tried to tell his students a simple truth: Focusing on study and self-discipline is definitely the top priority.

During his daily work, Zhang found that some students have conflicts with teachers and parents over using mobile phones too much, so he decided to give a speech on the subject. What worries him more is that the problem is so common among students. Even their parents are smart phone addicts too, which has unconscious influence on their children.

Xiao Zhi, a first-year student, said he was deeply touched by the speech. “Smart phones should be used for communication, but not for a waste of time,” he said. His mother was also pleased with his words, praising the headmaster for easing burden on parents with such an approach.

Zhang’s speech went viral after uploaded on internet, winning lots of comments, shares and likes.

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