Spare-time tax school enlightens Jiangsu young makers
2018-02-24 15:21:00

Students and experts at the taxation school make lanterns to celebrate the Spring Festival. [Photo/Xinhua]

In recent years, East China’s Jiangsu province has seen many local college students with creative ideas and who are eager to start up their own businesses.

The province has hence introduced multiple preferential policies for their companies’ smooth running, while the young makers were sometimes at loss tackling tax-related ones.

So in order to enrich their taxation knowledge, a spare-time school made up of several local tax experts opened at the provincial capital of Nanjing on Feb 9.

Zang Guiqin, a faculty member and officer of the Nanjing Local Tax Bureau, said the school, the first of its kind in Jiangsu, will help the young makers gain better profit from national preferential tax policies.

Students from 10 colleges, including Nanjing Tech University and the Nanjing Audit University, were among the first group to join the school. They will spend their winter holiday at the school and get various tax-based courses, lectures and targeted directions.

Zhu Yapeng, who started his business of water treatment equipment two years ago, said China’s welcoming attitude to going green and eco-friendly investment has helped his business gain momentum.

Now, as a student maker and manager of seven employees, he says his eagerness to join the school was to learn more about taxation and play a leading role in legal tax payment. Editor:Hiram