Foreign teachers help students in Yancheng
2017-09-12 16:55:00

More and more foreign teachers choose to teach in Yancheng.

Reid is from Iowa in the US. The 28-year-old American is an English teacher at Yancheng Ziwei Kindergarten. When our reporter interviewed Reid on Friday, he had just finished a lesson. He was talking and using body languages in the classroom and as a result, he was sweating a lot. He came to Ziwei Kindergarten in 2014 and said that the students who just graduated have an advanced level of English equivalent to fourth grade students in primary school.

Nelson from Brazil is the soccer coach at Yancheng Experimental Primary School. He was an assistant coach at the famous Santos Soccer Club. Pelé, the "King of Football", once played for this club. Nelson came to Yancheng Experimental Primary School to teach soccer in early 2017. In addition to working on the children's basic skills and tactical literacy, he has successfully stimulated the children's enthusiasm for football and the children all fell in love with this sport.

Glen from Canada has been teaching the international class at Yancheng Middle School for one year. Glen said he chose to work in Yancheng because the online post advertising the job said that Yancheng has great air quality. Glen has had a wonderful year working here and he also has a girlfriend from Yancheng. He said he will probably stay in Yancheng for a long time.

Don MacLaren is a colleague of Glen’s. He has been in Jiangsu for six years and has teaching experience in Lianyungang, Nantong and Danyang. Don has been teaching in Yancheng for two years.


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