University uses cashier system that displays nutrition facts, calories at cafeterias
2017-09-09 11:52:00

( Xiu)

Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics recently equipped its student cafeterias with a futuristic technology. The newly upgraded cashier system displays nutrition facts and calorie counts when students pay for their meals.

The university has decorated its cafeterias in different styles, including Chinese bamboo forest themes. One of the cafeterias has been renovated with a sports theme, with a football hung from the ceiling and a bike on a wall.

When students pay their meals, the nutrition facts and calorie counts of each dish, such as protein and fat content, is displayed.

The trays in the cafeterias have also been implanted with chips, so that prices can be identified in seconds.

( Xiu)

"It saves us time and helps us understand what we're eating," a student said.

The person who is responsible for the university's catering noted the new smart system is welcome by both teachers and students. It will soon be able to push individually customized exercise information to students' smartphones, he added.

In addition to the futuristic technology, the service also enjoys a high reputation among the students. According to a student surnamed Wang, every cafeteria has a manager who solves meal-related issues.

Apart from the students and teachers, the university's cafeterias have attracted a number of off-campus customers. Though they are charged 40 percent more on weekdays, they still rush to the campus to have a taste.

Source:People's Daily Online Editor:Jennifer