Colorful first day for new school students in Huai'an
2017-09-05 17:23:00

New semesters have recently started at various primary and middle schools in Huai’an in East China's Jiangsu province. Each school has arranged a unique first day for newly-enrolled students.

On the first day of the new semester, first grade pupils at the First Primary School Affiliated to the Huaiyin Teachers College were led hand-in-hand by sixth-grade students on a tour of the school’s campus. Each of six managing personnel at Huia’an Experimental Primary School randomly selected two first-grade students based on their ID numbers at a ceremony marking the new semester. The students were assigned a position for that day, including acting as a leader to guide a team of pupils back home after school or working as a librarian.

New students at the Xincheng Kaiming Middle School were allowed to become familiar with the school, understand its history and sing the school song.

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