Wuxi to add one more int’l school
2017-08-24 16:47:00

Representatives of the Nanjing Foreign Language School and the King’s College School announced the launch ceremony of the Nanwai King’s College Wuxi on August 23.

The Nanwai King’s College Wuxi is located at the International Education Park in the Wuxi Taihu New City, and includes a kindergarten, primary school, junior high school, high school and a foreign children's school.

The Nanjing Foreign Language School (Nanwai in Chinese) ranks first in Chinese high schools in terms of domestic or abroad college enrollments, and has also received a high reputation from world renowned universities.

The King’s College School has about 200 years of history, and in recent years, its excellent academic performance and prestigious school enrollment rate have stood out in the UK.

Karl Gross, Vice-President of the King’s College School, introduced the school and said it ranked in the world’s top five schools and that graduate students were enrolled and continued their studies in world-class schools, such as Oxford and Cambridge.

The new school, the Nanwai King’s College Wuxi, also received the financial and resources support by famous group, Dipont Education.

The Nanwai King’s College Wuxi is set to open in September 2018, with the total enrollment of 3180 students.

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