Xuzhou college students volunteer overseas
2017-08-23 17:30:00

This summer, 16 students from CW CHU College of Jiangsu Normal University volunteered to spend their holiday doing an overseas aid education project.

Qi Qin'er, who is a Chinese education major, was the leader of the volunteer team in this overseas aid education. The program is a tradition of CW CHU College. Early in the winter vacation, Qi Qin'er began to prepare for this year's trip.

Qi Qin'er arrived in Bangkok, Thailand, on July 13 to teach preschool children English. She played games and did handicrafts with the children, using simple English sentences to communicate.

After experiencing the Aid Education project in Bangkok, Qi Qin'er also participated in a project in Lashio. The main task was to train Chinese school teachers and principals.

At the end of these two projects, Qi Qin'er said she felt very proud, not only of those experiences, but also for the domestic education level.

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