“Fast & Furious” of mini unmanned cars come to Nanjing
2017-07-17 16:51:00


The East China division of the 12th NXP National University Students Intelligent Car Race finished in Nanjing on July 15.

The competition was divided into photoelectric, electromagnetic and creative groups. More than 300 teams including nearly 1,500 teachers and students from 66 universities and colleges in East China competed.

Zhu Mingcheng, Dean of the Electronic Information Engineering School of Sanjiang University, said the smart car is a product of integrating software and hardware, as well as the carrier of the Internet of Things.

Contestants have to not only include sensitive environment sensors, but input the reasonable algorithm routine into the “brains” of the smart cars, the SCM system chips, Zhu said. Meanwhile, they have to debug the hardware, so they have effective coordination between the body structure and the operating procedures. In addition to the basic skills of the procedures and algorithm, it can also test the team’s ability to work together.

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