Students fill out test paper in emoji after teacher draws inspiration from WeChat
2017-07-10 15:12:00

Most students love using emoji and stickers when chatting online but these cartoons are not usually considered an appropriate means of communication when answering exam questions.

Nanjing University of Information Science & Technology in east China broke with that conventional wisdom on Friday, however, when it asked students being examined in user experience and psychology to draw the kinds of images commonly used in social media to illustrate feelings.

Student's answer sheet /Photo via Yangtse Evening Post

What drawings would you come up with in response to the following 10 questions from the test?

The test paper /Photo via Weibo

1. Facing the last test before your summer vacation, how do you feel?

2. Facing such a distinctive test paper, how do you feel?

3. How do you think the teacher was feeling when he was setting these questions?

4. Looking at the students next to you, how do you think they are feeling as they are answering these questions?

5. Please send just one sticker to your class group in WeChat to show your sense of existence. Which is the most special sticker posted by your classmates?

6. You haven’t answered a user experience exam question before. Have you any doubts that this is a real test paper?

7. This is indeed a real test paper, so please use a sticker to express your authentic view towards our faculty.

8. Eight is considered an auspicious number in China. How would you represent it?

9. How are your energy levels after drawing so many stickers? You will not lose any marks if you choose not to answer this question.

10. The sticker questions have come to an end. Do you want to draw something to show your mood?

Source:CGTN Editor:Amanda