Education in Jiangsu

Chen Anzhi, a fifth grade girl at Nanjing Zhiyuan Foreign Language Primary School, received a letter on June 22 from UK’s Buckingham Palace in reply of her letters to the UK’s Queen Elizabeth II. Since 2016, Chen has written three letters to Queen Elizabeth II about her environmental protection knowledge acquired from daily life and school activities. [Detail]
A female student of the Nanjing Agricultural University has kissed the headmaster during a graduation ceremony on June 22. The move was made as a repertoire at the annual event; however, the action failed when it was performed by a male student.[Detail]
The commencement for Class 2017 of Jiangsu University was held on June 21, and a total of 10,290 graduates attended the graduation ceremony. Li Li, an international student from Cuba, delivered the commencement address in Mandarin and received bursts of applause. Li is from the city of Santa Clara in Cuba. She has learned Chinese for nine years and now she can speak Mandarin fluently. [Detail]
Huaihailu Primary School in Huai’an city of Jiangsu province recently held an observing and discussing activity on music, physical and painting education, according to Huai’an media on June 22.[Detail]
Changzhou Institute of Technology (CIT) has recently signed an agreement with the British company RS Components, becoming the first partner in the Chinese mainland to participate in RS University program.[Detail]
A graduation photo of 2013 - grade students majoring in martial art and ethnic traditional sports at School of Physical Education and Sports of Soochow University has gone viral on the Internet .[Detail]
Graduates of the Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics (NUAA) pose in front of various kinds of crayfish dishes on June 5. [Detail]
A total of 35 foreign students from the Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, with some from the China Pharmaceutical University, have stepped into the Qinhuai Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to experience TCM therapies. [Detail]
A total of 565 contestants from 113 teams, consisting of students from the colleges and universities in Jiangsu, took part in the two-day event. [Detail]
A total of 40 female teachers, who specifically wear cheongsams, have held a fashion show at the Southeast University (SEU). The event, held on June 3, was organized to celebrate the 115th birthday of the university. [Detail]
More than 300 pupils of Grade 1 have spent a day in an army barrack at the Huaiyin district of Huai’an city, Jiangsu province. The field-trip, organized to celebrate the open day of the barrack and the national Children’s Day holiday, was held on May 31. During the occasion, students attended the initiation ceremony of young pioneers and received a national defense education, which included watching an operation of weapons and learning housekeeping skills. [Detail]
More than 200 children at the Hainan kindergarten of the Gaoxin district, Hai'an county in Nantong city, took part in interactive folk games on May 31, in celebration of the Children’s Day. [Detail]
An agreement for education cooperation was signed recently between the municipal government of Kunshan, Duke University and Wuhan University. [Detail]
The 1st Jiangsu Development Summit closed its curtain on May 21, 2017. The success of the summit was inseparable from the efforts of volunteers of the summit. [Detail]
The graduation season has come and graduation trips have become a popular choice for many young people.[Detail]