A fresh view of Nanjing from double-decker bus
2019-02-06 10:41:00


The double-decker bus returned to Nanjing in August last year. The brightly colored bus shuttling through the city offers a unique, relaxed way to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the city and also a way to celebrate Spring Festival.

After several stops, our Belorussian presenter Valeriya said Nanjing appears different when seen from the double-decker bus.

She has visited a number of scenic spots along the road in the past, but from the vantage of the double-decker bus they appeared new and fresh to her. “I have a broader view of the city, and look, the trees are so close that I even worry about being hit by branches.”

"I feel both classic and chic,” she said. “The old double-decker in modern Nanjing. How interesting it is!”

Nanjing is also making more effort to show its charms through services in different languages. Valeriya said she is most happy with the audio tour in eight languages including Russian.

Our Egyptian presenter Ahmed never fails to find something new in Nanjing, which is also the reason that he wants to work and live in the city. There are many reasons to fall in love with a city - the food or landscape or never-ending surprise and curiosity it brings.

The sight-seeing bus went all the way to the car park at Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum, where passengers transferred to another bus. Ahmed and Valeriya chatted with bus driver Ma Ning, who has been driving buses for nearly 20 years.

Ma said proudly that the double-decker bus fleet has 16 drivers strictly selected from the city’s 16,000 bus drivers.

Ma said more passengers are taking the bus over holidays, including some foreigners.

Valeriya is glad to know that in two hours she can have a glimpse of the city’s major scenic spots.

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