Nanjing opens rural tourism route
2018-12-20 17:06:00

Nanjing opened its first ‘beautiful countryside’ tourism route on December 19, allowing people to take the sightseeing bus from the Zhengfangzhong Road station in Jiangning District to directly reach several destinations in rural areas.

The new public transport service G71, run by the district’s bus company, links many tourist attractions and also the Line S1 of the Nanjing Metro. Using pure electric buses, the 22-kilometers-long route passes through the Jiangjun Avenue, Yinxinghu Avenue, Zhengfang Avenue, Xuejia Road and Guigu. Visitors can buy the ticket at 2 yuan in cash or with the metro card.

Nanjing’s ‘beautiful countryside’ program is to develop tourism in rural areas and also boost income of farmers.


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