Yangzhou Taizhou International Airport upgraded to 4E airport
2018-12-12 16:27:00

The CAAC East China Regional Administration officially renewed the license for Yangzhou Taizhou International Airport and upgraded the airport’s airfield class to 4E from 4C, the airport announced on Dec 11.

The upgrading indicates that the airport has the conditions and capacities to handle Class E aircraft and its comprehensive support capabilities are further enhanced.

The airport will be able to handle the landing and taking-off of long-range wide-body passenger aircraft, such as Boeing 747 and Airbus A340, embarking on the “big plane” era for civil aviation industry in middle Jiangsu.

To ensure the upgrade, the airport launched the first phase of the expansion project last year, investing 560 million yuan. It extended its runway from 2,400 meters to 3,200 meters, and added the CAT I instrument landing system and CAT I precision approach lighting system at the north end of the runway.

The airport also renovated its fire station, aircraft maintenance and special vehicle garages, and launched auxiliary projects, such as the power, heat and water supply and drainage projects, inside and outside the airfield.


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