Suzhou company creates world’s longest 3D-printed bridge
2018-11-30 16:37:00

Suzhou Jufu High Polymer Material Co., Ltd., a Changshu-based company, has helped produce the world’s first 3D printed resin landscape bridge in Shanghai at 15 meters long, currently the longest of its kind in the world.

Jufu provided 3D printing solutions to manufacture the unconventional bridge. The use of new technology ensured perfect arcs on the bridge’s side rails, in both the plane surface and vertical dimension, which is impossible to get by traditional techniques.

Completed in 35 days, this 3D printed bridge can withstand a weight of 250 kilograms per square meter and has a service life of around 30 years.

Suzhou Jufu High Polymer Material, established in 2012, has been engaged in 3D printing for six years, offering a wide range of 3D printed products, from clothing and food to housing and automobiles. This is the first time for the company to make a bridge through 3D printing.

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