Huai'an Airport adds new flight
2018-08-16 09:09:00

The Huai'an Airport officially opened the Kunming-Huai'an-Yantai route on Aug. 13 when a passenger plane landed at the airport at around 08:00.

According to the schedule, the aircraft departs Kunming City in Yunnan Province at 06:55, arrives at Huai’an three hours later, takes off from the Jiangsu city at 10:40, and then reaches its destination in Yantai City of Shandong Province at 12:05.

The plane is scheduled to depart Yantai at 18:40, reaches Huai’an at 20:10, leaves at 21:00, and then arrives in Kunming at 00:20 after midnight.

As of August 10, Huai'an Airport, which opened in September 2010, had opened flights to 28 cities. Editor:Dylan