Festival to boost local rural tourism kicks off in Taicang
2018-07-03 12:58:00

Taicang hosts the Rural Tourism Festival from June 28 to Aug 31 in the hope of boosting the development of local rural tourism. [Photo/WeChat account: TaicangTourism]

The second Rural Tourism Festival got underway in Taicang's Huangjing town, Jiangsu province on June 28, with the aim of boosting the development of local rural tourism.

The festival will run for two months in eight major rural tourism areas throughout the city, such as Dianzhan village, which boasts a recreational vehicle camping site, Dulou Lake, home to large stretches of forest, and Yangcao village, well-known for red tourism.

Red tourism spots are places which have a historical significance in some way to the Communist Party of China.

During the festival, a series of cultural activities will be prepared for visitors, such as the King of Pear competition in Donglin village, making dinner over a mud stove – the primitive way to cook – in Doulou Lake and a flower show in Menghe village.

Organized by the Taicang Tourism Bureau and the Huangjing town government, the festival is expected to showcase the city's improved rural tourism industry in the hope of attracting more tourists.

Source:chinadaily.com.cn Editor:Hiram