Lukou airport offers self-service check-in machines
2018-06-15 15:47:00

Starting from June 18, passengers departing from Nanjing Lukou International Airport and travelling to Phuket, Don Mueang and Bali with the Thai Lion Air, Sriwijaya Air and Citilink can enjoy check-in service by themselves.

At Island A in Terminal 2, passengers traveling on these three airlines simply need to swipe their passports’ identity information page on the small screen of the self-service equipment. The bigger screen will display the passengers’ information simultaneously. Travelers can follow the instructions on the screen to complete the check-in procedure.

The flights to Phuket, Don Muang and Bali will support self-service check-in three hours in advance, while the self-service bag drop service will be open simultaneously. The screen will show them which counter to go to handle the baggage check-in. Travelers who do not need baggage check-in can finish the self-service in as fast as 10 seconds, which is half the time compared to manual processing.

The airport reminds passengers traveling on international flights to bring passport with at least one blank page, flight ticket for the return trip, hotel reservation in the destination, and certain amount of cash and photos.

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