China’s ‘most beautiful old tree’ in Lianyungang
2018-06-07 17:22:00

An 830-year-old Chinese fringe tree in Longdongan temple at Kongwang Mountain in Lianyungang City has been selected as one of "the most beautiful old trees in China."

The male tree was planted during the Southern Song Dynasty. Now 10 meters high, from early spring to mid-summer each year it blooms milky white flowers that are beautiful and pleasant.

Tea made with the tree flower is most precious. After being dipped three times, the tea stilltastes refreshing, producing the same color and flavor.

At present, the tree is growing in good condition and has been named a national ancient tree under first-class protection. In order to protect the old tree, the courtyard only collects the fallen flowers and makes a small amount of tea for the pilgrims and tourists to taste.

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