Huaian amps up tourism charms
2018-05-15 16:11:00

Jiangsu media reported on May 15 that Huaian city convened a conference to draw the blueprint for its tourism industry in the next three years, aiming to strengthen the city’s branding as a top tourism destination.

Huaian will continue to exploit its advantages as a tourism spot featuring “clear water and green mountain” and highlight themes of hometown nostalgia and leisure culture in tourism development. In recent years, the city has stepped up efforts in constructing three key projects, namely Grand Canal tourism resort, Huaihe River cultural tourism resort, which is a theme park about “Journey to the West”, and Baima Lake resort. The city has also pushed forward efforts in constructing Tianquan Lake in Xuyi County, Jiangba Town and a forest resort in Jinhu County. Since 2016, Wudao Lake in Lianshui County, Jinshiyuan scenic spot, and Hehuadang scenic spot in Jinhu County have been rated as AAAA scenic spot, second highest level of the China National Tourism Administration's rating. Seven counties and districts in the city are home to national AAAA-level scenic spots. The construction of Grand Canal and Baima Lake tourism resorts have passed assessment by tourism, housing and environmental departments in the province.

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