4,000-meter-long floral walls to add charm to Nanjing
2018-05-09 17:35:00


A newly grown flower wall at the Jiangsu Provincial Academy of Social Sciences on Jianye Street in Nanjing City attracted passers-by to stop and appreciate it on May 8.

Two young women riding shared bicycles said the hedge was so beautiful that they will come again to take photos.

The city’s Afforestation and Gardening Department said Nanjing will install a 4,000-meter-long floral hedge on main roads including Zhujiang Road and Jiangdongzhong Road by the end of May.

In three years, the city’s main roads and regional transportation hubs will build additional floral walls totaling 11,00 meters in length so residents can appreciate flowers and a beautiful scenery wherever they go.

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