Seven U.S. travel writers start four-day Yangzhou trip
2018-04-28 16:26:00

A delegation from the Society of American Travel Writers arrived in Yangzhou City on April 25, beginning a four-day intensive journey.

The seven people will explore the city’s history, culture and tourism resources as travel writers, publish their experiences on platforms including newspapers, magazines, TV programs and picture book, and also recommend the famed historical city to more U.S. tourists.

The delegation paid visits to the city’s iconic attractions - Geyuan Garden, Dongguan Street and Slender West Lake. Their itinerary will also include the Yangzhou Museum, Runyang Bridge and Heyuan Garden, watch the traditional Yangzhou Pinghua storytelling performance, and take a boat tour along the Grand Canal.

Anietra Hamper, a travel writer and wildlife photographer, said Yangzhou has many parks and there are engaging stories behind every park and every ancient building.

David Arlen Devoss, also a travel writer and photographer, said if China’s culture is like a book then the big cities are only the first several pages while Yangzhou is on the most well-written and well-hidden page. Devoss said he is most interested in the fact that Yangzhou has done a great job in inheriting and protecting the ancient architectures and intangible culture.

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