Suzhou’s first private garden opens to the public
2018-04-09 16:31:00

Daoqin Xiaozhu, also known as Qinyuan Garden, in Dongshan Town of Suzhou City has welcomed the first batch of visitors who made a reservation earlier to enjoy its beautiful spring scenery, marking the first time a private garden used as residence opened for free to the public in Suzhou.

The garden, located among the town’s three villages and designed by the owner Ji Jianping, has its three sides surrounded by hills and covers an area of 2,100 square meters.

The construction of the private garden started in August 2011 and took two years to complete. The garden features a layout similar to Chinese pictographic character 山(shan), meaning hill, with the central part higher and two sides lower. Both the design and layout give a vivid representation of the key features of classical Suzhou garden.

When experts including Du Yue, Secretary-General of the Chinese National Commission for UNESCO, and Jin Hongkui, deputy-director of the Palace Museum visited the garden in 2015, they commented that “it was in line with local conditions and made itself a good example of Suzhou’s new family garden.” In last August, the garden was enlisted among the third batch of ‘’Suzhou Garden Record”.

Ji said he’s willing to let more fans of gardens to visit the site and share the cultural resources with strong Suzhou characteristics.

Suzhou government introduced a policy in February to encourage more gardens to open the door to the public. Changyuan Garden, located in Suzhou’s Miaotang Lane, and Daoqin Xiaozhu were among the first to welcome visitors.

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