Bullet train food couriers in race against time
2018-03-08 10:58:00

Order food on cell phone and the meal will be delivered straight to your seat at stations along the route. During this year’s Spring Festival travel peak, many passengers enjoyed the food delivery service on trains.

At present, Nanjing South Railway Station takes the most food delivery orders for high-speed trains among the stations in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui provinces and the city of Shanghai.

Zeng Zhaoming, head of the station’s catering center, said the center received about 600 orders per day last July when it was established. Since the Spring Festival travel rush started, the number of daily orders increased to over 1,000 with the highest record reaching over 1,700.

“The entire process of food preparation, order verification, packaging and delivery needs to be completed within one hour, which means the deliverers usually have to bring the food to customers in less than 20 minutes,” said Fu Xiufeng, a 24-year-old delivery man. Taking this job for six months, Fu said what impresses him most is the “race against time”. “There was one time the restaurant was late in sending the food and I had to run from the catering center to the platform in six minutes. As soon as I handed the food on board, the train’s door closed.”

Zeng introduced that the catering center operates from 9 am to 9 pm. The staff have to deliver food to the station’s 28 platforms for at least 260 trains per day, which means every courier will walk more than 30,000 steps.

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