Nanjing “Chengguan” offers service in English for Qinhuai Lantern Fair
2018-03-05 16:28:00

The annual Qinhuai Lantern Fair is the largest and most influential event after the Spring Festival in Nanjing City. To provide the law enforcement guarantee for the 32nd Qinhuai Lantern Fair, urban management bureau, or Chengguan in the city has introduced a unified plan to support the fair.

Amid the growing international influences, the fair has attracted more and more foreign visitors. The city’s urban management bureau selected a group of staff who had a higher educational background and could speak English well, opened a post to offer service in English, and assisted foreign visitors better.

In the core tourist attraction, Confucius Temple, each of the 18 posts has a law enforcement officer who can speak English. They can help guide foreign tourists and offer them emergency support.

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